Varysburg Cemetery

compiled by Doris Bannister


****The cemetery is not visible from the road. Drive around the back of the school. There is a dirt road off of the parking lot that goes back into the woods. The cemetery is on the hill top surrounded by the woods.

This listing was compiled in May and June of 1998 using several old lists of burials and a recent list obtained from the Cemetery Association.

The Cemetery Association's records included names of lot owners, but if there was no further information noted, these entries have not been included.

There were also many entries which only listed "Father" or "Mother". In a very few cases, where there were only approximately 3 names entered, such as Mary Smith, daughter of John and Jane Smith, then the death dates for Mary and dates for a John & his wife Jane, have I felt sure that they were the "Father " & "Mother" and so entered them. Therefore, there are entries for Smith, "Father", "Mother" and there might also be entries showing Smith, John, died 1900 and Smith, Jane, died 1901, which are actually the "Father" and "Mother".

op is used to denote the Old Portion of the cemetery.

In many cases the cemetery listings had differing information. In most cases it was only by a year or so. I have not changed any dates, unless I could find an obituary in which case you will find the notation "obit" in the Other data column.

Undoubtedly, I too have made some errors. I would appreciate any further information or corrections.

Lastly, this listing was generated using the "WordPerfect 6.1" program. If anyone would prefer to obtain a copy on disk, please ask for it in that format. I believe it can be copied in a text format which should be compatable with most other programs.

Please send corrections/additions to:

Wyoming County Historian

26 Linwood Avenue

Warsaw, New York, 14569

ATTN: Doris Bannister

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