Wyoming Gravestone Photos

LaGrange Cemetery, LaGrange NY

1.Harrison Rude's family plot [Reddish stones]

2.Mary Rude wife of Harrison

3.What is left of Jemima Rude's stone

4.Isabella wife of Harrison

5.Harrison Rude son of Mary and Lester Rude (Rood) buried in Hope Cemetery at Perry.

6.Flora Rude

7.Another Emerson Rood - most likely the son of The son of Timothy Rude and Mehitable Rudgers. The stone is unreadable now, but I believe he died in the Civil War

8.Emerson Rood and his wife Patience Harrington

9.Edward H. Rude's stone

10.Caroline Sherman's grave

11.Caroline (Rude) Sherman's grave - next to Jemima (Miller) Rude's grave and Gideon Rude's grave [Jemima and Gideon were Caroline's parents]

12.Asher Rude was Gideon and Jimima's grandson. The son of Timothy Rude and Mehitable Rudgers

13.Gideon and Jemima Miller Rude's Graves. Jemima's stone is broken and leaning against Gideon's stone.

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Hope Cemetery, Perry, NY

Note:Not all the Rood's in Hope Cemetery actually spelled their last name as Rood.

1.Seward W. Schenck

2.Peter Schenck and wives

3.Norman Schenck

4.May and Agnes ShermanTwin daughters of Ellory and Clara (Schenck) Sherman

5.Martha Schenck- wife of Lester Schenck and mother of Clara Sherman

6.Location of the Schenck graves

7.The Rood Plot where Lester , Mary and Jasper are buried

8.L. Byron Rudethe son of Lester and Mary Rude and the Brother of Jasper Rude Lester and Mary were Uncle and Aunt to Ellory Sherman, his Mother Caroline was a sister of Lester

9.Jasper Rude's grave

10.Isaac and Agnes Rood

11.Ellory Sherman's grave - son of Seymour M. Sherman and Caroline Rude. The Gravestone says he was born in 1857 which is incorrect. He was born in 1851.

12.Clara (Clarissa) Schenck Sherman's grave - the Daughter of Lester and Martha Schenck and the 1st wife of Ellory Sherman

13.Bela and Anna Schenck's stone - listing their son Frank M. Schenck. This grave was not listed in the Perry Hope transcription in the "Old Wyoming" magazine.

14.Bela and Anna Schenck's Stone

15.Lester and Mary Rude's stones

16.Lester Schenck

For more information on any of the above photos, contact Barb at Spmom56@aol.com

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