(brother-inlaw of Maria Hubbard Bailey)


Java, Wyoming Co. N.Y.
March 21, 1864

Dear Bro. & Sister

I received your letter a few days ago and was glad to hear that you were
usually well.  I got a letter from ??? saying Aaron had arrived home.  I am
now located here in Java, it is a quiet place: two stores, one church, one
hotel, school house, blacksmith & shoemakers shop and my lot is pleasantly
located, store 20 x 30, celler under all and chamber over all, is small but
comfortable dwelling house attached.  A small horse barn well finished, a
small garden in which is a few fruit trees for which I paid $800.  I bought
the goods which amounted to about $2000.  I would have gone to Ripon but
with my capitol I could not have bought much of a stock of goods at present
prices and I dare not get head and heels in debt these unsettled times.
This seems to be a quiet place and good society and I think I shall like it
very well.  The man of whom I bought the property remains in the house for
the present and I board with him and he helps me what I need in the store.
If you can spare that money, send a draft in N. Y. but if you need it keep
it awhile.  I can get along I guess without it.  The note is dated Oct
12/63, if you send it I will return the note by return mail.  I am enjoying
confortable health, and hope you are well and enjoying the blessings of life
both spiritual and temporal, give my respects to all your family, hoping to
hear from you soon & often, I remain your,

Friend & Bro
A. Lyford

Dear Niece Laura

Much oblige for your letter and be assured I shall ever be glad to receive
your letters and had forgotten that I owed you a letter.  I don't have what
to write to interest you but like to receive your letters just as much as if
I wrote long ones in return.  Edwin Kent is living at home this winter and
is not doing much.  He is well and so are the family.  Write again.

A. Lyford

Mr. Lyford was married to Emily Hubbard sister to Maria Hubbard who married
Aaron Bailey.  Laura is their daughter.  She is my greatgrandmother.  Maria
Hubbard was the daughter of John Hubbard and Anna Kent.  These families
spent many years in Wyoming County, NY.  Ripon is in Ripon, WI.

Transcribed by : Sandra Boudrou,

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