Wyoming County Revolutionary War Soldiers

An * by the name indicates new evidence to change either the county or the town listing or to add a name previously unknown. Newly discovered names are included at the very bottom of the orginal list. Any questions please email me.
Anita Hayes

David Abell, Pike
*Isaac Amsden,Gainesville ( actually d. Seneca, NY),
Mark Andrews, Perry
*Sperry Andrews, Attica, (previously listed Wethersfield)
Bela Armstrong, Perry
Picus Austin, Bennington
*Samuel Babbitt, Orangeville (grave undiscovered, wife buried in Orangeville Ctr)
Jared Barber, Sheldon
Joseph Barber, Java
Stephen R. Bathrick, Perry
Peter Beebe,Perry ( no tombstone)
William Belden Sr., Castile
Paul Belden(Belding), Wethersfield
Henry Bennett,Pike
James Bentley, Java
Peter Besancon, Pike
Ezekiel Billings, Castile
Elijah Bills, Perry
Abraham Bishop, Middlebury
Richard Bishop, Perry
John Bliss, Genesee Falls
Josiah Boardman, Orngeville
John Bostwick, Pike
Benjmain Bristol, Gainesville
*Elkanah Brown, Middlebury (may also be pioneer of Sheldon)
Isaac Brownson, Gainesville
Ebenezer Bullock, Attica
Wanton Burlingham, Attica
Oliver Buttrick, Gainesville
Theodore Cadwell, Eagle
John Campbell, Orangeville
William Capwell, Middlebury
John Carter, Bennington
Johnson Cheney, Perry
Darius Chipman, Middlebury
Benjamin Cole, Gainesville
Rowland Cotton, Attica
John M. Coughran, Sheldon
John Crawford, Attica
Francis Curtis, Middlebury
Samuel Conable, Gainesville
*Benajor Davis, Wethersfield - his name new, previously had Wetham Davis, who was his wife
Varsal Dickerson, Middlebury
John Dodge
Joseph Dodge, Sheldon
Reuben Doty, Pike
Thomas Dow, Arcade 
Francis Drake, Eagle
Jabez Eaton, Pike
Josiah Eddy, Warsaw
James Edgerly, Perry
Jabez Ely, Gainesville
Noah Emery, Pike
*Michael Erickson, Perry - buried New Jersey, wife  buried Perry
James Ewell, Middlebury
John Ewell, Middlebury
Ezra Ferris, Middlebury
Solomon Finch, Castile
John Fisk, Attica
Jabez Fitch, Warsaw
Robert Flint, Pike
Ithuriel Flower, Gainesville
James Foskett, Perry
Daniel Foster, Castile
Aaron Francis, Java
*Jacob Francisus, Sheldon - buried Strykersville Pioneer, 
        Lived Town of Wales, Erie Co., NY
Elkeny Fuller, Castile
Nathan Fuller Jr., Gainesville, buried Warsaw
Josiah Gardner, Attica
Samuel Gates, Perry
Stephen Gates, Perry (no tombstone)
Niles Giddings, Warsaw
Jacob Glazier, Gainesville
Thomas Gratton, Bennington
Thomas Griffith, Pike
Jonathan Hadley, Arcade
William Hall, Wethersfield
John Helmer, Pike
James Hickox, Perry
Ebenezer Higgins, Perry
David Hoard, Sheldon
Eliphalet Hodges, Attica
Moses Holmes, Bennington
Oliver Holt, Warsaw
Josiah Hovey, Warsaw
Darius Howe, Covington
John Hubbard, Attica
Green Hungerford,Castile
Robert Hurd, Warsaw
Robert Lane Hurd, Pike
Abraham Jackson, Arcade
Enoch Jenkins, Java
Nicholas Jenks, Covington
Elijah Kellogg, Castile
Peter Kendall, Middlebury
Nathaniel Ketcham, Pike
Caleb King, Bennington
Jared Knapp, Warsaw
William Knapp, Warsaw
John Lammon, Orangeville
Paul Langdon, Orangeville/Wethersfield
Jacob Lent, Covington
Archibald Lindsey, Attica
Joseph Lockwood Jr., Wethersfield
Joseph Lucas, Castile
Ivory Luce, Sheldon
Samuel Mahan, Orangeville
Nathan Mann, Java
William Mann, Sheldon
Joel Maxon, Attica
Paul McKinstry, Sheldon
John McWhorter, Warsaw
Jotham Mead, Wethersfield
Noah Merrells, Orangeville
Stephen Miller, Middlebury
Timothy Miller, Perry
James Moore, Perry
Michael Morse, Orangeville
Enam Morse, Middlebury
Daniel Murray, Pike
Amos Muzzy, Attica
Benjamin Nelson, Attica
John Nichols, Arcade
John Nichols, Attica
Lyman Noble, Warsaw
Ambrose Orvis, Arcade
Frederick Owen, Middlebury
*Wyatt Palmer, Bennington/Sheldon - previously listed as Royatt Palmer
Leonard Parker, Arcade
Jacob Parmenter, Attica
Ephraim Patch, Pike
Peleg Peck, Attica
Thomas Pennington, Perry
Charles Perkins, Middlebury
*Samuel Pethey - name is Petty
Daniel Pierce, Perry
Aaron Post, Castile
Joseph Potter, Sheldon
Noah Pratt, Covington
Silas Rawson, Perry
Daniel Richards, Orangeville
Daniel Richards, Perry
Ephraim Root, Middlebury
Thomas Root, Arcade
Daniel Rowley, Perry
Peter Salter, Java
James Sanborn, Attica
Benjamin Seeley, Warsaw
Daniel Seeley, Pike
*Samuel Silliman, Wetherfield - supposedly died Hermitage but buried Cattaraugus Co.
Stephen Skiff, Pike
Jonathan Skinner, Java
Isaac Smith, Attica
James Smith, Pike
Dan Sprague, Covington
Sterling Stearns, Warsaw
Zebedee Sturtevant, Castile
Gardner Tabor, Perry
Alexander Tackels, Middlebury
Seymour Talmadge, Pike
Conrad TenEyck, Gainesville
Martin Terry, Sheldon
Gideon Thayer, Gainesville
Elias Thomas, Middlebury
Lodowick Thomas, Sheldon
Amos Tolles, Bennington
Timothy Torrey, Java
Jacob Turner, Sheldon
William VanSlyke, Pike
Peter VanLiew, Gainesville
Abraham Vorhees, Perry
James Ward, Java
Benjamin Warriner, Bennington
Gad Warriner, Gainesville
Samuel Warriner, Gainesville
Joseph Warren, Wethersfield
*Omri Warner, Sheldon - buried Strykersville Cem., Lived Town of Wales, Erie Co. 
David Waters, Java
Sailor Weels, Castile
Reynolds, Whaley, Attica
Ira Wheeler, Castile
Peter White, Orangeville
William Whiting, Warsaw
Joshua Whitney, Pike
John Willard, Perry
Ebenezer Wilson, Middlebury
Michael Wilson, Middlebury
Benjamin Wing, Covington
Job Winslow, Java
Ebenezer Witter, Covington
Barzillai Yates, Gainesville

The following names have been discovered in
 the past three months and are being investigated
 for addition to the Revolutionary War Honor Roll
 for Wyoming County.

If you know of any of these men we need further 
evidence and information on them to include in 
records of Wyo. Co. Rev. War Soldiers.

Or if you have a Revolutionary War Soldier of 
Wyoming Co and name does not appear on 
any of these lists I have sent today. Please let us know. 
Thank You and have a good weekend and 
Happy Hunting for your families.

 Anita Ripstein Hayes

New names:

Daniel Warren, Middlebury - has been added by DAR Chapter

Abel Baker, Attica - name appears on the Genesee Co Pension list, Conn. Milititia

Rev. Nathan Baker - death listed on DAR papers as Middlebury; being investigated
    by descendants and Anita Hayes

Lemuel Bangs - DAR papers state died Genesee Falls in 1824. No grave located
    or additional data known. May belong to Livingston Co.

David Beckwith - DAR papers state died Attica, NY. Does appear in census. Grave

Stephen Benedict - DAR papers state died Attica, NY. Grave believed to be located
    Vernal Corners Cemetery. All evidence points to fact as Wyoming Co.             
    Revolutionary War Soldier. Has been included.

Amos Bristol - DAR paper state died in Gainesville, NY No grave located yet.

Job Bristol - DAR paper states died Genesee Co., NY. Investigating if
    he also came to Gainesville, NY

Josiah Butler - DAR paper states died Bennington, NY. Was in 1830 Census of 
    Bennington. Did file pension papers in Genesee Co.

Aaron Clapp - DAR paper states died New York State. An Aaron Clapp was in 
    Town of Bennington

Ebenezer Goodspeed - DAR paper states died Warsaw, NY 1779. No settlement
    in this area at that time. Need to contact descendents.

Josiah Fish - DAR paper states emigrated to Genesee Falls. Died Rochester.
    Not included in Wyoming Co. List as Josiah settled at the Genesee River
    Falls in Rochester.

Elisha Howard - DAR paper states died Covington, NY Further investigation needed.

Jesse Howe - DAR paper states died Gainesville, NY 1827.  No grave located. One
    Jesse Howe listed in 1820 Town of Orangeville

Jacob Joy - DAR paper states died Java, NY 1839

William Lawrence- DAR paper states was placed on pension roll of Wyoming 
    County, NY. d. 1835. This would have been Genesee Co. Pension Roll.
    Do not find listing.

Theophilus Luther - DAR paper states died 1843 Wyoming Co., NY His name
    does appear in Genesee Co. pension list. His son Jeremiah Luther was
    a resident of Perry 1820 and Castile 1830.

Reuben Patrick - name appears on Genesee Pension list. Reuben Patrick did live
    in Town of Attica, NY.

Uriah Pierson - known to us in Wyoming Co as Uriah Parsons/Persons of Parsons 
    Corners, Town of Sheldon. DAR papers state he died in Wyoming Co. in 1843.
    Uriah was a resident of Wyoming Co and will be added to the list.

Samuel Stanhop - DAR paper states died Attica, NY 1839.  His name does
    appear on the Genesee Co Pension lsit. It is known  that his sons Levi and 
    Luther did live in Attica.

Henry Wallace - DAR paper states died Castile, NY 1840.  His name does appear
    on Genesee County Pension list. Also he is listed in the 1820 and 1830 census
    Town of Perry.

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