Where the New York settlers went
when they tired of where they were at!

The following article by Larry Randall was recently in the
Local (Springport, Michigan ) paper.

   In a small pioneer Cemetery some 6    miles West of here (Springport. MI) on    the West side of Duck Lake , are the    graves of Andrew and Susan, Lincoln,    Lamb . They were buried here less    than one half a mile from their 1844    Log Homesite. They left behind many    children that settled here and their    decendants are many and most are    buried in the Clarence Center and    North Clarence Cemeteries. One    exception is their oldest Daughter    Martha , Martha was born in    Wyoming Co or then Genesee Co,    New York and had came to Michigan    when she was 5 or 6 years old.
Lamb Family Cabin West side of Duck Lake about 1890
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Their first stop was In Marengo Township in 1837 .

Martha stayed with her parents until 1850 when she then was a young lady of 19 or 20 years old. She went west in the Gold Rush towards California with a group including a William Thornton and three Olds Boys from Battle Creek. Their parents and Grandparents are buried in the Cemetery East of the Airport on Territorial Rd.

Martha 's Husband William Thornton was good at a card game, and as soon as they got to Genoa, Carson Valley, Nevada,(then it was Utah Territory)he became known as Lucky Bill Thorington. It appears that the local people had gotten rid of the Mormons and their plural marriages , and were not too happy with "Lucky's" having two wives, so in 1858 vigilantes came and hung Lucky Bill.

Early in 1990s a local resident in Genoa, Michael Makley,(a High School Coach), wrote a book called "The Hanging of Lucky Bill". At that time, many weeks of research revealed nothing about Martha Lamb, who she was, where she came from or how she got to Carson Valley.

Later Martha married David Olds and they moved to Inyo Co. CA and lived well into this century. Many of her decendants are to be found out there in that state. A copy of this 145 page book is in the Springport Library for all the "Cousins" to read, many of us can say, " She was My Grandfather's Aunt"!

Submitted by Martha's Great Grandnephew -
Larry Randall


This Martha Lamb was Daughter of Andrew and Susan (Lincoln) LAMB , her Grandparents were Isaac and Martha B. LAMB and Apollos LINCOLN, all had settled in New York before coming to Michigan. We are still looking for Andrew Lamb's brother, James Lamb b.1794, m. Charlotte Ann Lewis ,father of James Orren Lamb . I have much more on the Andrew Lamb part of the family and am freely sharing all.

Larry Randall - Springport Michigan - Two Miles from the 1844 Lamb Homesite

Photo Information

The Photo Shown here (log house above) is a copy of a Tin Type believed to be owned by Gene Sadowski, Many copies were made from that TinType and were owned by the cousins early 1900s, These copies were the reverse of the original,at least one time a quality photo copy was made while Gene's mother Irene was alive,her mother Liza Snyder is in the photo a daughter of Lillis Pruella Anderson. Of the Twenty LAMB relatives, we can idenify some of them. The easiest is Susan LAMB the oldest in the scene the next easiest one is her daughter, Lillis Pruellla Anderson standing beside her mother holding a baby and two children standing in frount of her. It is believed that she had a total of five children in the photo, and a daughter, Ina Bell (m.BINGHAM )not born yet(1892). Missing are Martha who was in CA and Sarah Angeletta (Squire)living close by. There is a lot more work to be done on identifing the members in this photo.


The Above is a record I made a year ago. The Gene Sadowski is a neighbor/ cousin here. Most of the family in the photo have stayed here in a 20 mile circle . Most of the men in the picture are sons of Andrew and Susan Lamb, other names are uncle "Auk" Hochkiss m.Mary Lamb, and Bill Anderson m. Lillis Pruella Lamb. On the South side of the Lake in the background (Duck Lake), there is a street named Anderson Rd. after the above named.

Larry Randall - Andrew Lamb's GG-Grandson.

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