The following history was written by Anita Ripstein Hayes, former deputy county historian:

Wyoming County was formed from Genesee County May 19, 1841. So if you are looking for any record prior this date, they will be located in Batavia, the county seat for Genesee County, OR as far as the southern tier of towns the records could be in Allegany or Livingston Counties. As far as the towns go that can be confusing too. Your grandfather writes in his Bible, he was born in the town of Sheldon in 1808 but you found him in the census of Attica in 1820. When did they move - they didn't the townlines did! Let me try to guide you some.

Sheldon Was formed from the Town of Batavia (Genesee Co) Mar. 19, 1808.

The Town of Attica was taken from Sheldon in 1811;

Town of Bennington and China (now Arcade) in 1818.

Warsaw was formed from the Town of Batavia (Genesee Co,) Mar. 19,1808.

The Town of Middlebury was taken from Warsaw in 1812;

the town of Gainesville in 1814.

Attica was formed from the Town of Sheldon April 4, 1811; Orangeville was taken off in 1816.

Middlebury was formed from the town of Warsaw March 20, 1812.

Gainesville was formed from Warsaw Feb. 25, 1814. It was first known as "Hebe". The name was changed to Gainesville April 17, 1816.

Perry was formed from the town of Leicester ( now Livingston Co) Feb 25,1814.

A part of the Town of Covington was taken off in 1817; and Castile in 1821.

Orangeville was formed from Attica Feb. 14, 1816.

Wethersfield was taken off 1823.

Covington was formed from the town of Leroy (Genesee Co.) and from the Town of Perry, Jan. 31, 1817.

A part of this town formed in 1817 was annexed to the Town of York (Livingston Co) in 1823.

Bennington was formed from the town of Sheldon March 6, 1818 (It is the largest town within Wyoming Co.)

Arcade was formed from the town of Sheldon March 6, 1818 and was named town of "China". The town of Java was taken off in 1832. The name China was changed Jan. 19, 1866 and a part of the town was annexed to the town of Eagle.

Pike was formed from Nunda (Allegany Co, now in Livingston Co) March 6,1818.

The town of Eagle was taken off in 1823 and a part of Genesee Falls in 1846. Pike is confusing; I tell researchers to check for land ownership in Allegany, Livingston, Genesee and Wyoming Counties.

Castile was formed from the town of Perry, Feb 27, 1821.

Eagle was formed from Pike, Jan. 1, 1823. A part of the town of Arcade was annexed Jan. 19, 1866.

Wethersfield was formed from the town of Orangeville April 12, 1823.

Java was formed fromn the town of China ( now Arcade) April 20, 1832.

Genesee Falls was formed from Pike and Portage (Livingston Co.)April 1, 1846.

Also for you researchers out of the State of New York especially the MIdwest. Towns in NYS are townships out "West". Also when gt. gt. grandfather says he was born in Attica maybe he meant the village of Attica, or Attica Center or Dutch Flats, etc. or just in the countryside of the Town of Attica. The same is true about all the other towns. They all have villages, settlements or just a 4corner area or again just the countryside.

I hope this has helped some of you with your puzzle. If you have any questions concerning the "lay of the land" just drop me an email and I will try to answer your questions.

Anita Ripstein Hayes

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