Wyoming County Genealogies and Stories


Dutch Hollow Ancestors Surnames include: Bender, Deihl, Emerick, Gerhardt, Hallbauer, Heintz, Kilian, Kopp, Mapes, Merlau, Muth, Rothfuss, Schuessler, Stillinger, Smithley, Swyers (Schweyer), Yunker, Torge, Zittel and others - LINK

Heintz and Hammond Families in Wyoming and Genesee counties. Many allied families. - LINK

Descendants of James Henry Guckian/Hackett and Catherine Hanley. - LINK

The Ward Family

The Sherman Family

Richard Covell a Revolutionary War veteran and ancestors/descendants who were early settlers of Alexander/Brookville in approximately 1832. Would be willing to share. Please contact me at this address boudreau@genevaonline.com if you are interested.

Isaac Smith and his descendants

Frank Cheney and descendants

The Reddish Family - John H. Reddish came to Wyoming County c. 1806 from Somerset County, Maryland. This site includes the Reddish family in New York, along with allied families, friends and neighbors. - LINK

The Wiedrich Family

Descendants of Seymour M. Sherman

Johnson and Royce lines contact Diana Ayers - ayersjohnson@earthlink.net

The Zehler Family - LINK

Reddish website with the added families of Ranney and Fargo and others from Wyoming county, NY. - LINK


1. Wesley Richard Bowen Harden

2. Where the New York settlers went when they tired of wherethey were at! (a Lamb Family story)

3. "Bicentennial Bliss" - The story of ELEAZER BLISS

4. A Brief History of the Barber Family

Bible Records

1. Lamb

a blue 
mableized line

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