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Here are lookup guidelines:

If you would like to volunteer to do lookups or you have other Wyoming County resources, please contact the site coordinator.

Ralph E. Tewksbury, 5249 Elm Ct., Cape Coral, FL 33904 - rtewks@ix.netcom.com

Book - "Lineage's and biographies of the Norris Family in America 1892" from 1640 to 1892, with references to the "Norrises of England as early as 1311" by Leonard Allison Morrison,A.M., of Windham, NH.
I would be glad to do look-ups for anyone while I am in Florida, from Oct.1st-June 1st, eight months of the year. I will not be taking the book back and forth. It stays in Florida.

Warren Zahler - wzahler@gmail.com

Church Records - St. Cecilia's RC Church, Sheldon, N.Y. - baptisms, marriages and burials - 1848 to 1900 - AND - census of members in 1848

Sacred Heart of Jesus RC Church, Bennington, N.Y. - baptisms, marriages and burials - 1872 to 1910

Eleanor Kryger

CEMETERY RECORDS - West Perry, NY Cemetery records from 1824 and were updated in 1984.

Melissa Mills - mmills9@verizon.net

CEMETERY RECORDS - Alger Cemetery, Sexton book. It is in the Town of Hume, Allegany county, almost on the Wyoming border. Many of the pioneer families of both counties are buried there.

BOOK - Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York by Orasmus Turner. Pub. 1849. It contains a lot of information on the pioneers of Allegany, Wyoming, Erie, Genesee, Livingston, Cattaraugus, Orleans, Niagara & Chautauqua counties - all of western NY!!

Marie Blaszak - grandma06@aol.com
1230 Clinton St., Attica, NY 14011-9715

Church Records - The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church in Bennington Center, Attica, NY - willing to do lookups with regard to this cemetery/parish.

Kevin Frye

I live 40 miles from Andersonville Civil War Prison in Macon County Georgia doing Volunteer lookups on the onsite database as well as on a CD that I purchased. To speed things up their records are also online at..... http;//www.corinthian.net/mccc/plookup.htm
Just enter the name you are looking for and search. If you have records showing your ancester was there, and hes not listed, I can check further as some mispellings happened during record keeping and I can check by alphabet on my CD. I also will take pics of graves found for a small fee. I go about twice a month. The records are very extensive as there were 13000 who died there and only 460 buried there as unknown.

Meg Sibbernsen

Census Records - 1820, 1830, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 for Sheldon
1810 -1880 for Attica and Arcade
CD for Wyoming co. Census - will do lookups [ you MUST have the town name] for 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920.
Please submit the names LAST, FIRST and the date and area you would like searched.
(* check the ones that are online in the archives before emailing Meg )

Walt Hastrich - waltange@adelphia.com

CEMETERY - I will be happy to do look-ups for the following Wyoming County Cemeteries:

St. Patricks, Java Center, Java Township
St. Nicholas, North Java, Java Township
St. Mary's, Strykersville, Sheldon Township

Roberta Heorman

BOOK - "History of the Town of Warsaw, NY, from its first settlement to the present time:with Family Sketches and Biographical Notes", By Andrew W. Young, Pub. 1869
BOOK - "Town of Warsaw"

Lynda Lindsey - linda1@zebra.net

CENSUS - 1880 NY census index

Barbara Durfee

Town of Sheldon:

1. plat map of St. Cecelias cemetery to show where most people are buried.
2. records of St. Cecelias church, including church census, baptisms, marriages, deaths
3. genealogies that include surnames George, Schwab and others

Marsha Redden

CEMETERY - Lyonsburg Cemetery (Near Bliss) and Lamont Cemetery(near Lamont/Castile)

Sally Jankowski

BOOK - Biographical Review of the Leading Citizens of Livingston and Wyoming Counties, New York, (Boston, Biographical Review Publishing Company, 1895)

Liz Burdick

BOOK - "Famous Sons and Daughters of Wyoming County New York". Harry S. Douglas, editor and compiler; foreward by Levi A. Cass. - 1935, pub. by Wyoming County Newspapers This book is indexed. The INDEX of this book is online so that you can check for names BEFORE emailing Liz.

Gary K. Bauer

BOOK - "Nevinger's in America" covers the descendants of George Newinger by Iva Waite Nevinger, published in Warsaw, New York in 1954. Iva added several supplements to this work up until the early 1960's when they stop. Many Wyoming County families are listed in this book.

BOOK - 1870 Wyoming County Directory - This directory contains a lot of advertisements from local merchants of the time as well as information on all the towns of Wyoming County and many or the residents, their land and vocations.

Trish Hackett Nicola

BOOK INDEX - "History of the Town of Java" - Please go HERE
to get NAMES AND PAGE NUMBERS before emailing Trish.
She will not be able to complete your lookup without BOTH the name and page number!!

Vicki Ferris

CENSUS - Wyoming county - 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
CEMETERY - Warsaw, East Koy, Silver Springs, Weathersfield, Lamont, Both Ganiesville and North Ganiesville, Robert Flint Cemetery, and Pike.
I also have extensive information on the Robert Flint Family starting with the Pioneer from Sproutbrook, Ny

Sally Smith

LIBRARY - Warsaw Library Lookups from 1890 to present for Obits, Marriages, and Births
CEMETERY - Warsaw Cemetery
I can also go to the Warsaw Historians office for some things that may be there.

Scott Barvian

Parish records of St. Mary RC Church, Strykersville (1885-1917)
Parish records of St. Cecilia RC Church, Sheldon (1848-1917)
Burial records of St. Nicholas RC Church, North Java (1892-1917)

Vicki Tilton

The Family of John Stone, written by Truman Lewis Stone (Wyoming Cty). Descendents from 1639 to 1897, with many in the Wyoming county area.
This is a rare copy.

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